That was the reason I post old news, for example, news of 2006, 2007

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> how to start studies on BSD?

it depends what you want to do with FreeBSD.

As I have contact with BSD and later Unix since 1979, I cannot tell you
the best way. Ideally, I would say that the handbook should be of help.

When it comes to programming, POSIX should be of help.

If you want to program directly for FreeBSD, there is also
documentation for this purpose.

And finally, if you want to program for X, you will have to decide
which toolkit you want to use. I think that the big ones are from KDE
and GNOME.

> 2014-06-22 10:58 GMT-03:00 françai s <romapera15 at>:
> > Unfortunately all the computer courses I did were not serious
> > courses, not taught how to not get outdated of course content, nor
> > taught the minimum course content.
> >
> > None of these computer courses I did was the high school level and
> > neither the undergraduate level.
> >
> > But I read a lot about computers, including BSD using only Google
> > without knowing whether the content is very old because I was very
> > interested, but I  help you in topic Documentation Translation
> > Help, even I using Google Translator
> >
> > I live in Brazil. I participate in FUG-BR and other forums that I
> > spoke in topic Documentation Translation Help.
> >
> > That was the reason I post old news, for example, news of 2006, 2007
> >
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