Using "Cloud" drives in FreeBSD

Jerry jerry at
Mon Jun 23 10:02:09 UTC 2014

On Mon, 23 Jun 2014 13:49:43 +0800, Gregory Orange stated:

> On 23/06/14 00:03, Jerry wrote:
> > On Sun, 22 Jun 2014 17:14:35 +0200, anders at stated:
> >> There is a Linux client for Dropbox. You might me able to run it in
> >> FreeBSD through Linux emulation.
> >
> > I don't think that is going to work. From what I can tell, it ONLY works
> > with "Dropbox" and it does not make the "cloud" appear as part of the
> > file system the way it does in Windows.
> I'm not sure I follow, but will share this observation in case it is 
> helpful:
> I use Dropbox on my Ubuntu machine, and my Dropbox directory just 
> becomes a subdirectorye unfortunately changes. of my home directory. That
> is, cd ~/Dropbox yields the directory containing files synchronised from
> through the program. Double-clicking on the system tray Dropbox
> icon opens the same directory in my file manager.
> I have no experience with OneDrive.

First of all , the operative word here is "Ubuntu". Ubuntu is ahead of the
curve in creating a "user friendly" environment in the non-microsoft

I have been Googling this for a few days now. There are several projects
working on a solution to this problem; creating file system entrees
automatically for users of these various services, without having to perform
Herculean tasks just to gain access. In other words, "It just works". What
will most likely happen if history is any indicator is that the *.nix
community will come up with a workable solution. It will propagate through
the various flavors of *.nix for a few years and then five years or more later
FreeBSD will jump on board. Unfortunately, by that time the landscape will
have unfortunately changed.


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