binary upgrade of a remote box

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Jun 23 07:42:24 UTC 2014

Gregory Orange wrote:
> > I am very uncomfortable with "freebsd-update upgrade", at least it's
> > not something I would risk remotely.
> whereas I do this regularly. I use 'freebsd-update cron' every night for 
> update checks, and have recently embarked on upgrading a fleet of 8.3 
> machines to 8.4 using 'freebsd-update -r 8.4-RELEASE upgrade', with 
> flawless results so far.

fear, Fear, FEAR!!!

I often use a custom kernel, and there are so many precautions and
quirks in the Handbook about 'freebsd-update upgrade' and custom
kernels, that I get really afraid.

I'll go test it in a lab, with console access, maybe it's not as
horrible as it's painted.

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