chroot command used with screen utility

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at
Sun Jun 22 17:30:43 UTC 2014

Hello list

I have three directory tree filesystems that I want chrooted.
When I issue the chroot path command the host console turns into
the console prompt for the chroot. To have 3 individual chrooted 
filesystems I alt/F2 and chroot filesystem #1 ,
then I alt/F2 and chroot filesystem #2 and so on.
So I end up having F1 for the host console,
                    F2 for the filesystem #1
                    F3 for the filesystem #2
                    F4 for the filesystem #3

The goal is to have a primary start up script which will start the 
chroot filesystems from the host console without the chroot consuming 
the host's console. The "man chroot" command has very little info about 
usage. I can only think what I want done can not be done with the chroot 
command syntax.

I am now testing with the screen command. I get a daisy-string effect of
shells within shells.

If there is some other method to do this I am interested.
But help with using screen is desired.


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