freebsd on a laptop : only console use

Polytropon freebsd at
Sat Jun 21 14:05:45 UTC 2014

On Sat, 21 Jun 2014 19:23:02 +0530, Mayuresh Kathe wrote:
> > > is freebsd ready for laptops?
> > 
> > Depends on the particular laptop. :-)
> yeah, i'm really worried about support.
> maybe i should just give up the thought of going for a laptop.

No, just don't pick the newest and shiniest thing you can
imagine. Older business laptops (as mentioned) perform
very well with FreeBSD. If you can, use a live system
(CD, DVD or USB image) to try one out before buying it.
Honestly, I've been happy with various IBM (Lenovo) and
Dell models, no problems. Also wireless worked nicely,
built-in peripherials were supported, battery and power
management also worked as expected.

So from _my_ (non-representative) I can say that FreeBSD
has been ready for the laptops _I_ chose. :-)

> maybe the "lenovo m72e tiny" is a good enough machine for me.

That's not a laptop... :-)

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