AW: pppoe with ppp and pf nat - problems booting

Paul Blockhaus paul at
Tue Jun 17 22:36:00 UTC 2014

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The Problrm could be, that the system doesn't wait long enough for setting up ppp, pls. let us have a look in your /var/log/messages. If it is like I think you should append the option netwait_if_timeout in the man /etc/rc.conf.
It is possible, that ppp needs up to 3 minutes.

PS: google is your friend and the man too :-)

Greetings Paul

On 17. Juni 2014 20:33:28 MESZ, Jesse Gooch <lists at> wrote:
>Hello all!
>I've just set up an i386 box as my router with FreeBSD 10-RELEASE
>(updated with freebsd-update). I have two interfaces: sk0 and rl0. sk0
>is configured in ppp.conf for pppoe to my DSL modem. rl0 is configured
>to a local IP, and I have pf set up for NAT and some port forwarding.
>Unfortunately on boot pf does not get set up since tun0 (created by
>does not exist when pf loads, so my ruleset is not loaded!
>This requires me to reload the pf ruleset whenever I reboot. Another
>problem with this approach is ntpdate fails to set time properly on
>as well (although this may be ppp taking a little while to get the
>connection set up).
>How can I get my system to just work when I boot up? I've copypasta'd
>the related conf files with names changed to protect the innocent
>        set log Phase tun command
>        disable ipv6
>        disable ipv6
>        set device PPPoE:sk0
>        set authname isp_un
>        set authkey isp_pw
>        set dial
>        set login
>        add default HISADDR
>        add default HISADDR6
>        enable dns
>#this address is assigned to sk0 so I can access the administration
>of my modem
>ifconfig_sk0="inet netmask"
>ifconfig_rl0="inet netmask"
>#ntpdate_flags="-t 30 _timeservers_"
># Set dumpdev to "AUTO" to enable crash dumps, "NO" to disable
># Macros
>ext_if = "tun0"
>lan_if = "rl0"
>lan_ip = ""
># Tables
># Options
># Traffic Normalization
>scrub in on $ext_if all fragment reassemble
># Queueing
># Translation
>nat pass on $ext_if from $lan_ip to any -> {$ext_if}
>#some redirect rules removed for port forwarding here
># Packet Filtering
>block in on $ext_if all
>pass out on $ext_if all keep state
>pass in on $lan_if all
>pass out on $lan_if all
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