very slow performance

Antonio Cunha antoniocunha51 at
Tue Jun 17 20:05:18 UTC 2014


I have FreeBSD 8.2, and  I run bsdtar  all works well(bsdtar takes 6 sec)
Now if I run md5 on all files under /lib and after again run  bsdtar
again with exactly same parameters as the first time, it takes 40 times
long time to execute (240 sec approx.).
Now this situation will not change until I reboot the system.
I mean I can run bsdtar as many times as I wanthere t the time it takes
is always 240 sec.
If I reboot the system the all can be repeated.
I have tried to move the files to different places but nothing helps.
I also can see that while the slow bsdtar runs there are thousands of unvonlutary
context switch and the cpu load is 100%.
However the cpu is not doing anything else than running bsdtar.
Any ideas?

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