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Matthew Seaman matthew at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jun 17 05:51:46 UTC 2014

On 16/06/2014 22:05, Chris Maness wrote:
> What version of FreeBSD implements the now pkg (8)?

pkg(8) works on all supported version of FreeBSD -- basically anywhere
that the ports tree works.  It would probably work on earlier versions,
but that hasn't been well tested.  Basically, if you have /usr/sbin/pkg
on your system (which is the shim that pulls in the real pkg(8)) then
you're good to go.

pkg(8) is default in 10.0 and will be default in all releases to come on
all branches from now on.  Given that the declared EoL of the old
pkg_tools is due in September there's only one more release (9.3) that
could possibly not have pkg(8) as default: however, my understanding is
that there are no plans to provide any old-style packages with that release.



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