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Roland Smith rsmith at
Mon Jun 16 20:01:17 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 05:40:02PM +0100, Norman Khine wrote:
> hello, i have a dongle from, HUAWEI dongle, which i am using to
> access the internet, i just got a refurbished thninkpad t410 and want to
> install it to use.
> any advise on how to configure this, is much appreciated.

If it is supported, it should work with the u3g(4) driver I think. See the
manual page for more details. It says that the Huawei B190, E180v, and E220
are supported. But these lists in manuals are sometimes incomplete.

You should probably load the u3g.ko driver _before_ plugging in the device.
Some devices can function both as a USB mass storage device and as a modem.
The modem won't show up unless the driver is already loaded.

Once connected it will probably function like a serial device (/dev/cuauX).
So have a look at chapter 25 in the Handbook. Dialing out is covered in §25.5.

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