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Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Sun Jun 15 00:26:39 UTC 2014

On Sat, 14 Jun 2014 16:53:06 -0700, Chris Maness wrote:
> I used to use ports, portsnap, portaudit, portupgrade, etc...

No big changes here so far. The system's package database has
been moved from pkg_* tools to the pkg (pkgng) system, but
portupgrade or portmaster can deal with that fine. The data
is now kept in a different database (sqlite). The pkg command
also has an audit functionality now.




Additionally, CVS has been deprecated, so you use SVN to get
the updates for your local ports tree (or simply use portsnap).

> I understand that FreeBSD is moving towards a more binary model. 

No. It's just improving the binary support (with pkg), but that
does not mean the traditional method of the ports (and the
management tools for that method) become deprecated. Especially
updating software in a binary matter (instead of using source)
has better support now.

Note that on newer systems, gcc has been replaced by clang/llvm.
This should not be a big problem, but there may be a few ports
which still require gcc to build, so you need to install that
before starting the build.

> I
> used to build everything from ports, #make install clean sorts of
> commands.  Is this going away?

It sill works as expected and is still supported. For few
software, it's the only way of installation because no binary
package exists (maybe you need specific compile-time options
which are not the default options).

So far, those are the "big changes" regarding software

1. pkg (instead of pkg_* toolset)

2. clang (instead of gcc)

3. Subversion (instead of CVS)

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