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I have a FreeBSD 8 STABLE doing just that!

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> hi,
> although i had a look on pfsense, openbgpd, setfib(1) ideas and such,
> googlin' around and discussing with nw-admins for hours, i still don't
> really see a clear path for setting up a proper solution which is not
> sort of "tinkering" but still based on free OS's.

Not possible! You will have to tinker it, starting by recompiling the
kernel with  options    ROUTETABLES=whatever.

> situation:
> we have 2 independent ISPs, each running it's own router/ext-ip-block.
> e.g. ISP A: IP, ISP B: IP

Almost exactly  my situation.

> goal 1: inside->outside:
> - NAT and spread traffic load-based across ISPs to use both wires

I've done it like this:

nat on $ext_if1 from ! ($ext_if1) to any -> ($ext_if1) port 1024:65535
nat on $ext_if2 from ! ($ext_if2) to any -> ($ext_if2) port 1024:65535


pass in on $int_if route-to { ($ext_if1 $ext_gw1), ($ext_if2
$ext_gw2) } round-robin sticky-address inet proto { tcp, udp } from any
to ! $int_if:network.

This balances the traffic beautifully between both ISPs

> - switch to "living" ISP in case the other goes down
> (loosing active connections is ok and will of course happen)

Ahh ! heavy tinkering here. 

I've developed a daemon that keeps testing both links for
connectivity, that acts together with a series of scripts, that
re-writes/reapplies the whole pf.conf, directing everything to the link
that is working.

I also have two squids running, one for each ISP. Traffic is
round-robin redirected from the inside to them.

> goal 2: outside->inside:
> - NAT different external IPs to the SAME service inside
> (eg. smtp: NAT and to
> - allow connecting to the same service via different routes
> simultaneously eg: ssh from>
> while ssh from>,
> both end up NAT'd at

That's even simpler. Redirect the traffic on each ext_if to the ssh

rdr pass on $ext_if1 inet proto tcp to port 22 -> port

rdr pass on $ext_if2 inet proto tcp to port 22 -> port

You will know your external IPs so you choose the link.

> goal 3: firewalling:
> either this box is the firewall, or any other idea welcome.
> (currently, there's a separate hw-firewall running which does NAT,
> too)

In my case, it is THE firewall.

> oh, and the box will be run as virtual machine's guest OS.

That shouldn't be a problem but test, test and test. Depending on the
hypervisor, results could be different.

In my case, it is a physical machine.

I hope this helps.

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