Build of FreeBSD-10 fails on 9 with unknown target CPU

Yuri yuri at
Fri Jun 13 22:51:15 UTC 2014

On 06/13/2014 15:24, Rolf Nielsen wrote:
> You never answered my questions though:
> Do you set some variables on the commandline as
> well, that might confuse the compiler?
> And by llvm build, do you mean
> when building llvm or do you mean that you use llvm/clang to perform
> the build?

I don't set any command line variables, except NOCLEAN=YES
By llvm build I mean the section of buildworld which builds llvm.

One thing that is special is that I do this in chroot environment on the 
disk that is a bootable FreeBSD 9 root image. But this shouldn't change 


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