Back to Console with [ctrl] + [alt] + [Fn]

Peter Ulrich Kruppa pukruppa at
Sun Jun 1 18:17:47 UTC 2014

Am 30.05.2014 17:18, schrieb Peter Ulrich Kruppa:
> Am 30.05.2014 17:10, schrieb Warren Block:
>> On Fri, 30 May 2014, Peter Ulrich Kruppa wrote:
>>> Am 30.05.2014 16:30, schrieb Stefan Parvu:
>>>> Hi, What GPU you use ?
>>> Thanks for the hint: I have got a Radeon GPU and now, that I know what I
>>> have to look for, I find
>> Um, yeah, let's politely ignore that.
>> Switching from KMS to the console did not work because the old console
>> driver, syscons, did not know how to deal with it.  The console is
>> there, but not visible.
>> The new console driver, vt(4), is in 9-stable and 10-stable.  It must be
>> built into the kernel instead of syscons.  There is a sample kernel
>> config file called VT in /usr/src/sys/amd64/conf (or i386, if you prefer).
> That ist even better! So I simply have to rebuild with KERNCONF=VT .
Hmm, o.k. - I rebuilt my base system an I seem to have newcons: At least
the letters look different and I can type funny letters like ÄÖÜ on the
Also I can exit xfce4 (by clicking "Log Out") and return to console
which wasn't possible berfore either.

But [ctrl] + [alt] + [Fn] don't work :-(

>> It works for me with both Intel and Radeon hardware.
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