removing sendmail, updating jails and etc

Bernt Hansson bah at
Sun Jun 1 11:16:44 UTC 2014

On 2014-05-31 22:09, Littlefield, Tyler wrote:
> Hello all:
> Per my usual style, I have a few questions.
> First, I set up Postfix on my host system and that's what all email
> should be running through. I'm noticing though that some jails are
> running sendmail processes--possibly to try to get out some kind of
> emails (periodic, I'm guessing).
> Is there a way to remove sendmail altogether and force all jails or all
> services to send mail to the host IP? I can enable relay for those if
> that's what's needed, but I'd really like to filter everything through
> postfix sendmail.
> Finally, I'm noticing that some of my jails are falling behind in terms
> of updates. I use ezjail; I upgraded to pkgNG on the host system and
> other jails are still running behind. This makes sense, but I'm curious
> what people use to help keep jails updated. Most importantly, I'd like
> to be able to update ports and run freebsd-update (is this needed) from
> the jail on cron. the freebsd-update works, but it returns errors about
> a kernel (which is pretty much to be expected).
> Thanks in advance for any info--I really appreciate it. Appologies as
> well for all the questions; I'm making my way from Linux to BSD and
> trying to be a useful server admin. With my luck I've probably already
> got a few people doing evil things with it, but I'll learn in time.
I really think you should look at the handbook.

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