how to grab text w/ fcanf

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Thu Jul 31 23:33:21 UTC 2014

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	need some insight before I lose it {completely}.

	I've got a *.c file that returns in [let's say]


	a bunch of files named:  "text.1.txt", "text.2.txt",
	"text.3.txt" ... text.N-1.txt", each file containing a few
	sentences of plain ol' ASCII or [whatever] text.

	what is the easiest way, in C, *knowing the count=N*, to
	grab the *text files and stuff the paragraphs into a global
	buffer:	char *parabuffer[1024]; ??

	I'll usr the parabuffer strings in a GTK+ 3.0 window.  (note 
	that I've already figured out how to display the paragraphs in
	window "label" widgets that are left-justified.  

	tia, y'all,


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