Hosts communication on LAN

Saffa Kemokai norwoh at
Thu Jul 31 16:25:48 UTC 2014

Hi All, 

My story is funny to myself. This is a FreeBSD 9.2 domain. It has been running about a month now. Last week Wednesday, ipfw was enabled. Things seemed to work pretty well after that. That is, no issues with Internet access, hosts can ping each other and the domain successfully. Between Thursday and Friday, a colleague remotely installed Drupal. 

On Saturday, problem surfaced with hosts not being able to connect with my domain on the same LAN on internet or ping a host on the same LAN. I can ping and connect with anything domain outside on the internet. And I can ping any host outside of LAN. We went back and removed all firewal directives but that had not made any difference . 

I am using Comcast Business Class connection. Comcasts techs have checked their end and said their configurations are correct. 

What am I missing? 



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