pkg audit not working like portaudit

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed Jul 30 15:07:08 UTC 2014

On 07/30/14 15:22, Aleksandr Miroslav wrote:
> I used to be able to do something like this with portaudit in my cron jobs:
>     portaudit > /dev/null || portaudit |mailx -s portaudit root
> i.e. portaudit returned a non-zero value when there were vulnerabilities.
> I expected "pkg audit" to do the same, but apparently it always
> returns zero. Is there some way to get the old portaudit behavior or
> do I have to write a script to parse the output?

Not indicating the presence of vulnerabilities in the return code of
'pkg audit' is certainly worth opening an issue at

However, try using:

    pkg audit -q

which should not print anything unless it does find vulnerabilities, so
by the usual cron logic, you'll only get an email when there's a problem.

There's also /usr/local/etc/periodic/security/410.pkg-audit which you
can enable as a normal periodic(8) job.



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