Problem booting

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Jul 30 13:45:59 UTC 2014

On Tue, 29 Jul 2014, Brian Wood wrote:

> I have a FreeBSD 10.0 memstick.  The contents of /dev after I pick
> the Live CD are almost identical to what they were with PCBSD.
> There's an additional da4a that I guess has to do with the memstick.
> I don't really see any other differences.

da4a is the memstick itself.

Ordinary drives are going to be listed as ad* (old form), ada* (new 
form), or da* (USB and SCSI).  Use
   gpart show
to see the partitioning of all active disks.

> I tried the same devfs commands as above and the results are the
> same as above.   I may try to install from the memstick, but would
> then want to figure out how to get a desktop going.  Thanks.

It should not be necessary to modify devfs or other settings.  On the 
other hand, this could be some machine with a weird BIOS (Lenovo and 
HP), odd server hardware (HP/Compaq, or as I call it, "Chompaq"), or 
just general proprietary "because we can" weirdness (Dell).

To show existing disks, try just
   ls /dev/ad* /dev/ada* /dev/da*

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