Build Ports Without X11?

dweimer dweimer at
Tue Jul 29 19:26:25 UTC 2014

On 07/29/2014 2:04 pm, Rick Miller wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using Poudriere to bulk build packages and encountered a failure 
> that
> resulted in the program skipping a couple ports.  The failure occurred 
> due
> to an X11 error.  However, the expectation is that all ports would 
> build
> without X11 thus negating the need to compile and build all the X11
> dependancies for various packages.
> Despite the make.conf (shown below) specifying WITHOUT_X11, all these 
> ports
> built with X11 support anyway.
> I'm pretty sure I must be doing something wrong and hoping that someone
> might be able to lead me to the solution that will compile any port 
> without
> X11 support.
> Packages failed/skipped:
> gtk-update-icon-cache-2.24.22: failed
> gtk2-2.24.22_3: skipped due to above failure
> vim-7.4.364: skipped due to above failure
> make.conf:
> # cat 10_0-amd64-make.conf

I believe it should be:

OPTIONS_UNSET="X11" on newer systems.

However, it appears to not be pulling in the X11 option, but rather the 
GTK2 option.

perhaps adding OPTIONS_UNSET="GTK2" would work, or just simply use the 
vim-lite port instead of vim, I do this on all my servers (of course 
none are running a GUI), though I haven't read through the Makefiles to 
be sure what else beyond GUI components isn't included in the lite port 
versus the full port, there's a chance it may drop off something else 
you are wanting.

    Dean E. Weimer

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