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Roland Smith rsmith at
Mon Jul 28 11:22:35 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 08:44:51AM +0100, Jamie Griffin wrote:
> I would like to use pkg-devel on my FreeBSD 10 Stable system. The current
> version is 1.2.7_4.

You should update your ports tree. Currently, pkg is version 1.3.2 and
pkg-devel is 1.4.0.pre-alpha1.

According to the latest commit of pkg-devel;

    Prior to release 1.3 update pkg-devel to 1.4.0.pre-alpha1.
    This version is equal to pkg 1.3.0 tag.

So at this moment, pkg-devel is effectively _older_ than pkg!

> Do I need to remove that first and build the port or will building and
> installing the port automatically change the necessary components?

That's an interesting question. Both ports install files in the same
places, yet no conflict is registered in either port.

> When I ran the make install earlier I got a 'stop' stating WITH_PKGNG is
> not defined to 'devel', this version is the devel one. I don't have any pkg
> related variables set in /etc/make.conf currently so, should I define that
> one and possibly any others before trying again?

Interesting. I didn't have WITH_PKGNG set in make.conf, and it seemed to work
OK on 10-STABLE. I've now set it to "yes" just in case, because it is
mentioned in /usr/ports/UPDATING.

If you still want to use pkg-devel, I'd suggest the following sequence;

    * update your ports tree.
    * update all ports
    * remove pkg
    * set WITH_PKGNG="devel" in /etc/make.conf
    * install pkg-devel

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