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doug doug at
Sat Jul 26 16:03:16 UTC 2014

On Sat, 26 Jul 2014, Matthew Seaman wrote:

>> Still cool. Then I tried 'pkg upgrade -n' and got 'Nothing to do' after
>> several hundred of the following:
>>    "pkg: sqlite: near "ORDER": syntax error (pkgdb.c:3186)"
>> probably 418 lines but written to SYSERROR so difficult to count.
>> Several questions come to mind:
>>   1) The system was build around Dec 2013, so I think 'nothing to do is
>> probably
>>      not the right answer.
>>   2) Are the sql errors correct? Probably because you can not order the
>> null
>>      set but should be suppressed??
>> I am late to the game but I did scan PRs and questions before asking.
>> An unrelated question. Everything I used seems to be there except for
>> pkg_tree. Perhaps the need goes away but I would not expect an
>> autoupdate of 418 packages to work after 7 months of no changes.
>> pkg_tree was helpful in attacking upgrading in cases I did not want to
>> delete all and start again.
>> Thanks for any thoughts and/or guidence
> Which version of pkg(8) did you first install, and have you upgraded it
> since?  Where did you get pkg(8) from?  Can you show us the output of
> 'pkg -vv' please?

I  added pkg via pkg_add after updating to 9.2. Since that gave the EOL warning 
I did a 'pkg delete' to clear everything and then boot strapped pkg in the 
normal was. I figured gotta go forward. Aside from the possibility of being able 
to upgrade pkg is much faster and easier to install Xorg + you wm of choice. 
search also nicely solves the problem: "what the #$%^ is the name of the 
package". Also the help system makes it easy/convenient to learn the options as 
the need arises. A really nice job on this.

> The sqlite syntax error is a bug in pkg(8), but there have been many
> similar addressed over time.  There's two possibilities here: either the
> sqlite schema on your system is corrupt, or your version of pkg(8) is
> producing incorrect SQL.
> You can get pkg(8) to print out the SQL it is running by calling with
> debugging turned up to 4:
>    env DEBUG_LEVEL=4 pkg upgrade -n
> If it turns out the pkg is producing mangled SQL then you can probably
> cure the problem by forcibly upgrading to the latest.  Careful though:
> if it's your local.sqlite that's wrong here, then forcibly upgrading
> pkg(8) could just be making things worse.

I will keep the debugging tips, thanks. As before I figured all of this was at 
the front end of the development cycle. When converting the pkg_add files to the 
pkgdb I got a lot of messages to the effect of 'option conclict' or some such. 
If my issues are of any interest I can fairly easily duplicate the process on 
another system. Otherwise thanks, and this is much, much better for me and I 
would think the Xorg folks as well.

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