pkgng question

doug doug at
Fri Jul 25 22:30:11 UTC 2014

I started with a 9.2-release system with xfce-4.10_5 plus related/needed other 
stuff and did the following: freebsd-update to 9.2-RELEASE-p10 #0; updated ports 
with portsnap; and finally installed pgk via pkg_add.

So to try some things I did: 'pkg info' which looked okay; 'pkg check -d -n -a' 
returned no ouput, I figured no news was good news. For pkg stats I got:

     Local package database:
             Installed packages: 418
             Disk space occupied: 1 GB

Still cool. Then I tried 'pkg upgrade -n' and got 'Nothing to do' after several 
hundred of the following:
    "pkg: sqlite: near "ORDER": syntax error (pkgdb.c:3186)"

probably 418 lines but written to SYSERROR so difficult to count. Several 
questions come to mind:

   1) The system was build around Dec 2013, so I think 'nothing to do is probably
      not the right answer.

   2) Are the sql errors correct? Probably because you can not order the null
      set but should be suppressed??

I am late to the game but I did scan PRs and questions before asking.

An unrelated question. Everything I used seems to be there except for pkg_tree. 
Perhaps the need goes away but I would not expect an autoupdate of 418 packages 
to work after 7 months of no changes. pkg_tree was helpful in attacking 
upgrading in cases I did not want to delete all and start again.

Thanks for any thoughts and/or guidence


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