KDE4, HAL, flash drives

Vladimir Kushnir vkushnir at bigmir.net
Fri Jul 25 09:29:09 UTC 2014

Hello deeply respected All!

I got a (possibly) NOOBish question on the subject which, however IS 

Setup: amd64-CURRENT, KDE4 desktop env. with all bells & whistles (OK, 
sorry, I just like the "style uniformity" and DISlike the huge GNOME's 
decorations - my bad). Running (obviously) dbus and hald.

My problem is:
Any kind of memory stick/cardreader/whatever USB device at all plugged in 
is recognized only once. 
Whatever I do the second time it's invisible for the kernel. After 
it is unmounted/unplugged, /dev/da0 (if that's what it was recognized as) 
is never destroyed, usbconfig just hangs and to make a next use of any 
flash drive (or, to be precise, of any USB storage - and perhaps any USB 
in general - device at all) I have to reboot. Besides, even reboot goes 
unsuccessfull if "sysctl hw.usb.no_shutdown_wait" is not set.
None of these not-so-pleasant things happen when I'm in pure console 
session with no dbus and hald running.

A question is obvious: how do I configure these bl...dy HW abstraction 
layers (and perhaps devd, devfs.{conf,rules} or whatever I need) to 
make them work as they are supposed to?


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