run sh rc cause two cron process running

Jov amutu at
Thu Jul 24 05:24:37 UTC 2014

Thanks for all your advice,I will not run sh rc in the future.
In the fact,most time I use the /etc/rc.d/xx stop|start to test the
configure.But Sometimes I do not sure wich file I should run,or what
command I should run,and I find sh rc is handy.For example:



I can't find ntpdate in /etc/rc.d,and I am not familiar with ifconfig

If some one run sh rc,is it possible report a warning? I find the sh rc on
the web,I am sure some one else use it.

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2014-07-24 11:41 GMT+08:00 <kpneal at>:

> On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 01:33:01PM -0400, Mike. wrote:
> > On 7/23/2014 at 12:21 PM kpneal at wrote:
> > |If you want to test the entire boot process then you have no real choice
> > |except to reboot. But I will say that in all my years I've never created
> > |a problem simply by editing rc.conf that required testing with a reboot.
> > |
> > |I have made changes that required testing with a full reboot, but there
> > was
> > |more to that than changing rc.conf.
> >  =============
> >
> >
> >
> > After I make changes to rc.conf, I always run
> >
> >       sh -n rc.conf
> >
> > to check for syntax errors, e.g., a missing quote, which can have a less
> > than positive effect upon the boot process.
> A habit I've found helpful is to, whenever I open a quote/brace/bracket,
> always go ahead and add the close. Then go back and add in the middle
> the desired content.
> This basically eliminates the entire class of missing closing character
> errors.
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