About the black screen (Otherwise solved) Re: All of a sudden, problems with X

David Benfell benfell at parts-unknown.org
Tue Jul 22 06:07:52 UTC 2014

Polytropon writes:

>> So how would I get a prompt back in this situation?
> That's a really hard question. :-)
> In situatins where X is exiting, but failing to restore the
> text mode console, there usually is no real way to cure this
> problem. I had a comparable problem with my nVidia graphics
> card when switching to text mode from a running X with the
> Ctrl+Alt+PF1 key combination - black screen, "no signal",
> switched back Ctrl+Alt+PF9 - X as expected, and back Ctrl+Alt+PF1 -
> and the text mode was there. However, when X is _not_ running,
> switching "back and forth" is impossible. You could try to
> blindly enter "startx" and hope it helps. It probably won't
> help...

There is a note in UPDATING (did I read it beforehand? Of course not.)  
about some video chips--including Intel, which mine is--that says that  
Ctrl/Alt/F[n] won't work. Apparently X isn't cleaning up after itself  
correctly when exiting either.

So the message here seems to be, once you start X, you'd better be happy  
with it. Because you might not be leaving (short of a reboot).

But what this also suggests is that, should I need it, the Xorg.conf.new I  
generated might actually be okay. Because it's the exit that's screwed up  
rather than anything to do with the configuration.

Thanks again!

David Benfell
See https://parts-unknown.org/node/2 if you do not understand the  
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