FreeBSD NAS hardware suggestions

Mike. the.lists at
Mon Jul 21 14:56:19 UTC 2014

On 7/21/2014 at 9:35 AM cruxpot wrote:

|Hi there,
|I am looking at Seagate's NAS line of drives since they seem to have
|less DOA's in reviews than the WD red drives. Are these good for

Another data point for you:

Depending upon where you looked, I wrote one of those early failure
reviews for the WD Red drives, yet I continue to buy them in my ZFS
array.  Why?, you might ask.

The easiest time to replace a failed drive is right at the beginning
when it is new.  Both amazon and newegg have a very efficient
return/replace process for early failures.

In my experience, once you get past the early failures, the WD Red
drives are solid, the Seagates less so.  So I run them for a week
before I put them in the array.   That seems to catch the early

I trade off early failures when it is far easier for me to deal with
them vs. later life failures that often (and usually) occur when you
least expect them and at inconvenient times.

You might make a different trade-off.

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