Freebsd-update to 9.3 from 9.2

Warren Block wblock at
Mon Jul 21 00:54:49 UTC 2014

On Sun, 20 Jul 2014, Doug Hardie wrote:

>> Is there anything else we can do to help make it more clear?  I don't 
>> mean to put you on the spot, just that I've found these types of 
>> problems often can be used to make valuable improvements in the 
>> documentation.  If you think of somewhere else it should be 
>> mentioned, or a better way to explain it, please let me or the 
>> freebsd-doc mailing list know.
> I would appreciate either examples or instructions with examples on 
> how to setup and properly update a system using svn.  Those are the 
> most common things admins do if they are not involved in the 
> development of FreeBSD.  There used to be some good info on that in 
> the handbook back when we used cvsup.  Think more tutorial and less 
> man page constructs.  If I knew enough about the process, I'd try 
> writing it, but so far most of the things I have tried have not 
> worked.  Only one of the several systems I have tried to update to use 
> svn and pkg still works.

pkg is not involved.  I don't use binary packages, so someone else can 
address that.

The problem with exact Subversion examples is there are numerous 
repositories and mirrors, so it's a factorial combination.  And we (or 
at least, I) have found that giving specific examples means people will 
use those examples verbatim, even if there is a warning not to do so.

So, keeping that in mind...

   Check out source for 10-stable from the western US mirror, first time

   # rm -rf /usr/src
   # svn checkout

   The first time, Subversion will ask to accept a security certificate
   fingerprint.  These are shown in the Handbook Subversion appendix.

   To update that source later:
   # svn up /usr/src

That's it.  The process for ports is identical, just a different 

   # rm -rf /usr/ports
   # svn checkout /usr/ports

   And then update periodically:
   # svn up /usr/ports

The desire to avoid that repetition is why there is a generic Subversion 
appendix in the Handbook.  Still, we have a lot of repetition of 
Subversion instructions elsewhere.  There's a section in the Handbook. 
There's another in the Committer's Guide.  There's another in the FDP 
Primer.  Hence my idea to factor all that out and make our own 
Subversion for FreeBSD book.  My outline for it already has separate 
sections for end-user usage for ports, source, and docs.  However, it is 
one of many projects on the list.

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