Managing multiple repos with Portshaker/Poudriere

Rick Miller vmiller at
Fri Jul 18 11:15:27 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I intend to utilize Poudriere to build binary packages for FreeBSD.  The
initial design includes a private git repo which tracks FreeBSD Ports (from
gthub) in a pristine branch.  Changes to this pristine branch are merged
into another branch which, in addition to the official ports tree, includes
a custom category where private ports are committed.  A major advantage
here is the ability to tag the repo according to OS releases.

While planning the deployment of such a strategy, I happened upon a blog
post[1] describing a workflow for managing this utilizing portshaker and
poudriere to combine the remote freebsd ports tree with an internal private
repo.  The method described here is appealing as it removes the need to
track freebsd-ports internally, but would I then lose the ability to tag
specific commits which would be tied to OS releases?


Take care
Rick Miller

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