Suspend/Resume on 10-RELEASE-p7

Charlie cwr at SDF.ORG
Thu Jul 17 16:51:37 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I am running 10.0-RELEASE on my Lenovo X201 laptop. One of the major 
usability features of any operating system on a laptop is the ability to 
suspend/resume to/from sleep. I feel FreeBSD lags behind significantly in 
this area, but I really wanted it to work, so I specifically bought this 
X201 based on reports of people having success.

I had success, too, for a short time. After compiling a custom kernel to 
exclude VESA support from the kernel, suspend/resume worked perfectly on 

Now that I've upgraded to 10.0-RELEASE-p7, it no longer works well. It 
still goes to sleep, and it still wakes up; however, after it is awoken, 
the GUI is incredibly sluggish to the point that it is nearly unusable. 
For example, if one drags a window across the screen to relocate it, the 
window's movement lags behind the mouse position by many seconds.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to remedy this situation so it 
works as it did at patch level 6? What changed that would cause this 

I really appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Thanks so much!


  cwr at SDF Public 
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