pkg-static add <pkg> wait condition hang

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Thu Jul 17 05:20:17 UTC 2014

This is an ongoing saga continued on from before - still sorting it all 
out after setting aside all the months ago. Learning tinderbox has been 
a journey to say the least too...

However, I have managed to get things going somewhat smoothly with 
tinderbox now; excepting that I'm getting a stall on pkg-static add on 
certain packages (I think? might be all).

Currently I have a process stuck at 0:43 and sitting on wait condition 
in the scheduler for over 24 hours  now. The time factor doesn't change 
due to the wait condition so the timeout doesn't kick in, but I don't 
think its tinderbox fault anyway.

If I kill the process obviously the tinderbox queued job fails. I can't 
quite figure out exactly how to debug under tinderbox on this, but I 
can't see what is the problem either. Removal of the offending packages 
only results in them being rebuilt and then the hangs continue anyway.

Any clues guys? Also is there a pkg@ list now?


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