USB 2.0 webcam in virtualbox on CURRENT not working!

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On 16.07.2014 13:28, O. Hartmann wrote:
> I desperately need to have a SKYPE based chat with an offshore
> department. Since Skype is not a native port, I try to use a virtual
> box running Windows 7. And here the nightmare begins.
> Skype works in the VBox, but audio only. I have two WebCAMs here, a
> brand new Logitech C270 and a older Medion MD86511. The latter one can
> be seen in the device list of Windows 7 within the VBox, but can not be
> activated.
> More frustrating, the Logitech C270, doesn't work, it is not even seen
> by the VBox. I tested the cam on another Windows 7 system of a
> colleague and it works. FreeBSD does also "see" this USB Cam, but why
> is the device hidden for the VBox?
What do you mean by saying "see"?
usbconfig on freebsd lists it as ugen device?
Is it attached to vbox machine by some filter?
Have you tried VBoxManage usbfilter add?
I'm currently using some kind of software security jingle device this way:
VBoxManage usbfilter add 1 --target VMachineName --name USBKey
--vendorid 0x???? --productid 0x????
But I haven't used any webcam this way.

> In the configuration, I have the ability to enable/disable USB 2.0
> subsystem. Enabled, VBox rejects to start on all FBSD around (9.3-PRE,
> 11-CURRENT). What is that? Is VBox not capable of using USB 2.0
> devices in conjunction with FreeBSD?
> How to solve this? Is there a Skype 6 client for FreeBSD?
> Thanks in advance, please CC me,
> Oliver

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