gpart and bsdlabel

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Sat Jul 12 05:10:24 UTC 2014

> That's correct, but its main usage _today_ is GPT partitioning.
> It also has the advantage to usually work better with newer
> disks (where the fdisk and bsdlabel combo can get into trouble).
> Read my statement as "Nobody uses MBR anymore!" ;-)

> Polytropon
> Magdeburg, Germany
> Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0

OpenBSD still uses MBR and has no support for GPT!

GPT is a big improvement over traditional BSD disklabels, a royal nuisance to one who has multiple OSes installed on the hard drive.

Linux can't find BSD-disklabel subpartitions most of the time, and the various BSDs tend to be unable to find each other's subpartitions.

I could work with Linux fdisk but have difficulty with fdisk and bsdlabel/disklabel in NetBSD and FreeBSD.

So I've largely switched to GPT and given up on OpenBSD.

But I like Rod Smith's gdisk, which is in FreeBSD ports, better than gdisk because of support/recognition of many different partition types, though gpart is good if I want to install FreeBSD onto a USB stick and make it directly bootable.


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