swamped with >100 npviewer.bin processes

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Thu Jul 10 14:25:28 UTC 2014

On Thu, 10 Jul 2014 10:01:06 -0400, Daniel Corbe wrote:
> I've had massive issues in the past with npviewer.  It's directly
> related to the linux flash plugin.  

I'm using the "Flash" plugin for Linux as well, but in combination
with Opera. In very few cases, usually when I've opened around 100
Tabs with "Flash" stuff inside, the browser becomes unresponsive
and needs to be killed. Still the CPU load is low, but I assume
a lot of swapping takes place. It looks like this:

  1  [||||                      7.9%]     Tasks: 73, 0 thr; 1 running
  2  [|                         2.6%]     Load average: 0.38 0.70 0.42 
  Mem[|||||||||||||||||||1601/1990MB]     Uptime: 00:52:33
  Swp[|||||               275/2047MB]

Short time later:

  Swp[||||||              404/2047MB]

Then I have to kill -9 the processes "operapluginwrapper.linux"
which works. I tend to use htop for this, PF9 9 Enter. :-)

> I keep lots of tabs open so I usually end up with a massive amount of
> these things running and consuming a very low amount of CPU usage -- and
> as you stated -- quite a big chunk of memory too.
> Doing a 'killall -9 npviewer.bin' every so often solves the problem for
> me.

This matches my observations. How does the (running) Firefox
react to the measure you've taken?

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