Reconfiguring a package and other questions.

Andrew Berg aberg010 at
Wed Jul 9 17:00:43 UTC 2014

On 2014.07.09 09:03, R. Clayton wrote:
> 1: I usually install xorg from ports, and what I do in this case (which usually
> happens) is reconfigure xorg-server to disable hal.  However, I don't see how
> packages can be reconfigured.  the pkg-config man page seems to show how to
> reconfigure pkg itself, not individual packages.  How it possible to
> reconfigure packages?
Use ports or a repo that uses the options you want for its packages. If you
have multiple machines that need packages with non-default compile options, you
will likely want to look at poudriere.

> 2: How do I undo the effects of installing a metapackage like xorg?  Doing the
> obvious 
>   # whereis X
>   X: /usr/local/bin/X
>   # pkg remove xorg
>   Deinstallation has been requested for the following 1 packages:
>           xorg-7.7
>   Proceed with deinstalling packages [y/N]: y
>   [1/1] Deleting xorg-7.7... done
>   # whereis X
>   X: /usr/local/bin/X
>   #  
> doesn't do what I wanted ("pkg delete -R xorg" behaves as above).
That binary was installed by another package.
# pkg which $(which X)
/usr/local/bin/X was installed by package xorg-server-1.12.4_7,1

'pkg info' will give you information such as dependencies, reverse
dependencies, and installed files for installed packages. Each subcommand for
pkg (and there are many) has a man page, so you can refer to them to see what
pkg can do.

> 3: I resorted to deleting xorg-server as a package and re-installing it as a
> port with appropriate configuration.  This works, but raises the question of
> consistency between ports and packages.  What is the relation between the
> software in ports and the software in packages?
Binary packages are prebuilt ports. You can only decide compile options at
compile time, so binary packages cannot be reconfigured (but they can be
rebuilt with different options). There is no difference between installing a
port with a given set of options and installing a package built from the same
source with the same options.

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