IBM Tivoli

dweimer dweimer at
Tue Jul 8 14:29:55 UTC 2014

Has anyone had any luck backing up a FreeBSD machine with IBM Tivoli?

I have tried doing a Centos 5.10(i386) jail, to run the Tivoli Client 
(6.2.5, latest version I found with 32 bit support), however I get an 
out of memory error as soon as it tries to find files to backup.

I made an attempt to run a Debian kFreeBSD(amd64) jail, no luck Tivoli 
Binary still uses Linux emulation, stuck with 32bit.  Tried Debian 
kFreeBSD(i386) jail.  Gave up fairly quickly because of ELF errors.

I am currently backing up all of my FreeBSD machines with Bacula, which 
works great, but I don't have a tape drive available for it, so its just 
backed up to disk.  To this point the FreeBSD machines I maintain at the 
corporate office are proxy / service type machines.  Backups are 
primarily to get get configuration information, offsite backups are not 
a great concern as being able to restore only speeds up rebuilding a 
server from scratch instead of me having to manually edit 
configurations.  I am looking to implement a new server to provide 
Subversion services which will have actual data on it that we will be 
legally required to have available for 7 years.

I am out of ideas to try myself, short of setting up a Linux machine 
supported by IBM Tivoli and mounting snapshots of my FreeBSD volumes 
read only to it, and backing them up that way, of course this leans 
towards just storing the subversion repository there instead of on the 
FreeBSD machine.  Has anyone else had any luck, or tried any other 
options I have thought of yet?

    Dean E. Weimer

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