Updating and displaying CMOS clock

Matthias Meyser meyser at xenet.de
Mon Jul 7 05:43:29 UTC 2014

Am 07.07.2014 06:57, schrieb Victor Sudakov:
> Olivier Nicole wrote:
>>>> The drift on clocks integrated into computers these days is pretty
>>>> terrible AFAIK, which is why NTP is so widespread.
>>> If the hardware clock is updated maybe daily, I don't expect any
>>> significant drift.
>> If all you need is a daily update, why not a cron to restart ntp once
>> a day?
> Because no matter how often you restart ntp, it does not update the
> CMOS (hardware) clock.
> My question was about updating the CMOS clock.
"adjkerntz" does this.

via "/etc/rc" on system boot an shutdown
an via "/etc/crontab" periodically

perhaps you habe "cron" disables on your system?


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