10.0-RELEASE openvpn jail with ezjail

Marko Turk markoml at markoturk.info
Sun Jul 6 10:36:10 UTC 2014


I'm trying to create an OpenVPN jail on 10.0-RELEASE using tun device.
I've created the tun1 device on host and added following to the ezjail
config for my vpn jail (/usr/local/etc/ezjail/vpnj):

export jail_vpnj_ip_multi0="tun1| netmask"

When I try to start the jail, I get the error:

jail: vpnj: /sbin/ifconfig tun1 inet alias: failed

Ezjail config ip_multi0 gets translated into this jail.conf parameter

ip4.addr += "tun1|";

I did the same steps on 9.2-RELEASE and it worked fine. What is the
correct way to do this on 10.0-RELEASE?


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