Best wireless card for building 802.11n AP

krad kraduk at
Sat Jul 5 19:49:57 UTC 2014

Hi I have just got a DN2820FYKH to build an xbmc media center player. All
that works fine, but it got me thinking that it would be a cool little box
to replace my bsd router vm, which would allow me not to run my main
machine 24x7. Ideally the DN2820FYKH  would act as my main router, with
all the related services and it would be my wireless AP as well. I have got
AP working under linux fine, but I cant get freebsd to see the wifi card (i
dont think its supported in current yet). Therefore I have two options, one
wait until it is supported, or two, replace the mini pcie card for another
supported 802.11n card. Last time I looked at running an freebsd AP
over 802.11n, it was all a bit new and flaky. I was wondering if
anyone can recommend any cards that are known to work well as a 802.11n
AP, along with any other tips with regard to setting up 802.11n APs under

I have tried the latest freebsd-11 memstick and that didnt work, even after
kldloading lots of iw type modules


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