[SOLVED] Re: Bacula 5.2.12_5 Port update issues

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Fri Jul 4 08:13:26 UTC 2014

On 07/03/14 15:51, dweimer wrote:
> I am trying to update my Bacula server to the latest Bacula port update,
> 5.2.12_5, however It's failing to compile.  Has anyone else trying this
> update, ran into an issue?

Yes, on a 8.4/amd64 system, with only Postgres as enabled option.

Deleting the port and reinstalling didn't help; strangely neither did a 
svn downgrade up to one year ago.

Turns out that libbac.la comes from bacula-client, but bacula-client 
pkg-list is in bacula-server port, where libbac.la was removed from 
pkg-plist.client in rev 360216.

So my solution was to:
_ downgrade bacula-server to rev 359586;
_ reinstall bacula-client;
_ reinstall bacula-server.

On the long run maybe lib/libbac.la should be readded to pkg-plist.client?
Since I don't know the rationale behind this change, I don't know if 
this is the correct solution, so I won't post a PR with a patch.


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