Kernel Geniuses: Need Help With MCA Code

Tim Daneliuk tundra at
Tue Jan 28 04:51:05 UTC 2014

I am running 9.2 stable i386 r261207.  As noted earlier:

>I just replaced mobo/CPU on FBSD server (Gigabyte Z-87-D3HP with
>an Intel i3-4130).  I am not overclocking ...  but I continue to see this sort of thing:

>MCA: CPU 0 COR (1) internal parity error

Dmesg shows:

>MCA: Vendor "GenuineIntel", ID 0x306c3, APIC ID 0
>MCA: CPU 0 COR (1) internal parity error
>MCA: Bank 0, Status 0x90000040000f0005
>MCA: Global Cap 0x0000000000000c07, Status 0x0000000000000000_

I've swapped CPUs (i5). I've fiddled with an endless supply of
mobo settings. I've switched power supplies.  I've moved mem
sticks around ....   No joy.

So, I dug through the sources and found this:

mca_log(const struct mca_record *rec)
         uint16_t mca_error;

         printf("MCA: Bank %d, Status 0x%016llx\n", rec->mr_bank,
             (long long)rec->mr_status);
         printf("MCA: Global Cap 0x%016llx, Status 0x%016llx\n",
             (long long)rec->mr_mcg_cap, (long long)rec->mr_mcg_status);
         printf("MCA: Vendor \"%s\", ID 0x%x, APIC ID %d\n", cpu_vendor,
             rec->mr_cpu_id, rec->mr_apic_id);
         printf("MCA: CPU %d ", rec->mr_cpu);
         if (rec->mr_status & MC_STATUS_UC)
                 printf("UNCOR ");
         else {
                 printf("COR ");
                 if (rec->mr_mcg_cap & MCG_CAP_CMCI_P)
                         printf("(%lld) ", ((long long)rec->mr_status &
                             MC_STATUS_COR_COUNT) >> 38);

It looks like the trailing else clause is kicking out the error but I am
unclear what the error means, beyond the fact that it appears to be a parity
error somewhere within the CPU's internal memory (cache?).  Is this error
getting corrected?  Is this benign, Should I get a different mobo?

Um .... Haaaaalp :)

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