ZFS confusion

Steve O'Hara-Smith steve at sohara.org
Mon Jan 27 10:34:43 UTC 2014

On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 09:59:27 +0000
Kaya Saman <kayasaman at gmail.com> wrote:

> Would it be better to create a raidz1 pool then just add raidz1 pools to 
> the master as time goes by?

	I would advise against using any scheme that only allows a single
disc failure. When (not if) a disc fails and needs to go RMA you're stuck
with no redundancy at all until the replacement comes back and gets
resilvered. That can be an uncomfortably long time, especially if all your
drives came from the same batch (if at all possible don't let that happen,
I've seen a big RAID array lose several drives in one day because they all
came from the same batch and all wore out together).

Steve O'Hara-Smith <steve at sohara.org>

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