Field delimiter in sort program in freebsd

Shayan Pooya shayan at
Sat Jan 25 13:59:13 UTC 2014


How can I use the ascii character 0xff as the field delimiter for the
FreeBSD sort program?
On bash on Linux I use the following:
$ sort -t $'\xff' -z
to sort a set of null terminated lines where each field is separated by a

The FreeBSD 10 manual page says it has the -t option, but I am not sure how
I should give it the option to use a specific character.

On tcsh:
% sort -t $'\xff'
Illegal variable name.

On bash:
sort -t $'\xfe'
works fine, but:

$ sort -t $'\xff'


sort: Invalid argument

(Just in case, this is the piece of code that runs on MacOS and Linux but
not on FreeBSD:
of this issue).


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