Recommendations for wiki software?

Chris Hill chris at
Sat Jan 25 01:26:37 UTC 2014

Hello list,

I'm looking to run a small wiki on my home server, for use by the 
far-flung family. Can anyone recommend something in ports that might be 

Ideally I'd like something relatively lightweight, with no overly 
heinous demands on either server and client. On the server side, it 
would be nice not to have to deal with perl. FOSS preferred, of course, 
as is a BSD or Apache license, although I can choke down GPL if need be.

The server is currently running 8.1-RELEASE, but will be upgraded to 
10.0-RELEASE soon-ish. The hardware is relatively modern, but no hot 
rod: CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.53GHz (2527.02-MHz 686-class CPU).


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