Am I getting too old

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at
Wed Jan 22 09:18:10 UTC 2014


in the old times (FreeBSD 8) it took me 5 minutes to partition a disk
for a test machine: create a couple of MS DOS partitions, install the
MBR, create FreeBSD partitions, done. It used to be working easily,
efficiently and reliably.

Now it had been one day since I tried to reproduce that with FreeBSD
9, not to avail: I always end up with messaged saying things like
invalid partition, or stuff like that.

What was the rational behind the decision of breaking something that
used to work fine (that had been working fine for over 10 years) and
replace it with something that is ugly, unfriendly (you have to give
some types to the partitions, but nowhere is it written what type is
allowed or not) and that is not working?

Oh maybe if I choose to go all by default it will work, but I don't
want the default, I want to be allowed to make my own choices easily.

Best regards


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