IPV6 and disabling DAD

krad kraduk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 15:37:34 UTC 2014

after reading the source it seems the following tunable is what i needed


On 21 January 2014 12:47, krad <kraduk at gmail.com> wrote:

> To cut a long story short, I have a virtualized environment (vbox ontop of
> solaris11) with a couple of freebsd vms. The ipv6 address assignment keeps
> failing due to duplicated addresses. From what I can see this is basically
> due to multicast frames being looped back to the guest OS. In my simplistic
> mind i should just disable dad and do it all manually. I cant find how to
> do this though. I know this isnt a bsd thing as the linux guests have the
> same issue.
> kernel: Cannot enable an interface with a link-local address marked
> duplicate.
> kernel: mplex: DAD detected duplicate IPv6 address
> fe80:4::a00:27ff:fe99:3372: NS in/out=5/1, NA in=0
> carrera kernel: mplex: DAD complete for fe80:4::a00:27ff:fe99:3372 -
> duplicate found

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