FreeBSD and Linux shared installation

Walter Hurry walterhurry at
Tue Jan 21 13:13:15 UTC 2014

Polytropon wrote:

> For educational and experimental purposes, I'd like to install
> FreeBSD along with two Linusi on a laptop. It has a 100 GB SATA
> disk which should be sufficient. So I'm searching for important
> advice and mentioning of pitfalls that I should avoid. I'm
> planning to use FreeBSD 10.0, Kali Linux and Mageia. Here are
> some problems or considerations I expect to be facing:
I have FreeBSD and two Linuxes installed on my laptop.

My setup is:
Boot with GRUB2
All three share the same (extended) partition for swap.
Shared data partitions are EXT2 (AFAIK FreeBSD can mount EXT3 but treats
it as EXT2 - i.e. no journalling).
One of the Linuxes is installed in an extended partition

I don't claim that my setup is absolutely optimal, but it's been 100%
reliable and works for me.

Note: My use of the word "partition" is in the Linux sense.


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