FreeBSD and Linux shared installation

Ian Smith smithi at
Tue Jan 21 12:03:47 UTC 2014

On Tue, 21 Jan 2014 10:31:52 +0000, krad wrote:

 > if you want data exchange, you might be better going for nfs or cifs rather
 > than trying to keep it on disk. All of the issues with fs support then go
 > away, and you can keep each os install atomic

For multiple boxes, sure, but perhaps you missed Polytropon's original:

 > For educational and experimental purposes, I'd like to install
 > FreeBSD along with two Linusi on a laptop. It has a 100 GB SATA
 > disk which should be sufficient. So I'm searching for important
 > advice and mentioning of pitfalls that I should avoid. I'm
 > planning to use FreeBSD 10.0, Kali Linux and Mageia. [..]

cheers, Ian

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