FreeBSD and Linux shared installation

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Tue Jan 21 09:01:21 UTC 2014

from Polytropon:

> For educational and experimental purposes, I'd like to install
> FreeBSD along with two Linusi on a laptop. It has a 100 GB SATA
> disk which should be sufficient. So I'm searching for important
> advice and mentioning of pitfalls that I should avoid. I'm
> planning to use FreeBSD 10.0, Kali Linux and Mageia. Here are
> some problems or considerations I expect to be facing:
> Partitioning: Does Linux support GPT, or should I better keep
> using MBR? FreeBSD would get one slice, "DOS primary partition",
> a common data exchange partition another one, and the Linusi
> could do their stuff on "logical drives inside a DOS extended
> partition", as it seems to be common over there.

I am not sure how to configure a boot manager, though you can use GRUB2.

I can definitively say Linux supports GPT and OpenBSD does not.

System Rescue CD/USB recognizes GPT disks but can not mount or read UFS2, either on MBR or GPT.

If /dev/sda is partitioned with GPT, partitions would be /dev/sda1, sda2, sda3 and so on.

NetBSD supports GPT though not as elegantly as Linux or FreeBSD.


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