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Thu Jan 9 04:16:23 UTC 2014


On Thu, 9 Jan 2014 09:28:03 +0530
eras mus <erasmu at> wrote:

> With all your help,  the website started and is running fine now. I
> would like to take a mirror or exact backup full copy of the Hard
> Disk (which I don't belive. It is a 80 GB very old Hard Disk). A
> desktop PC is used as a server. So I would like to make the mirror
> copy of this unstable Hard Disk to another hard disk. So that in case
> this hard disk  fails I can replace the Backup hard disk so that the
> server will be up in no time.
you can use many different programs like dd (makes a real copy of
partition) or rsync (takes longer) or cp -avp in the root of a
partition or any of the already mentioned programs.

You might consider formatting the disk before on a different system.
You should not use dd then.

> Is it possible to take such a mirror copy of such a  hard disk so
> that i can replace it as a hot swap. I request all of your expertise.
> How to do hot swap?please shed some light on it.

Hot swap? Pentium IV? Is this supported by your hardware?

Just take the machine off-line, copy the disk and replace it by the new


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