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Mon Jan 6 12:24:59 UTC 2014

Hi, Reference:
> From:		eras mus <erasmu at> 
> Date:		Mon, 6 Jan 2014 15:18:34 +0530 

I gave you a subject line as you forgot.

eras mus wrote:
> Dear List,
> I am maintaining  a FreeBSD server Box, recently i am facing a issue that
> the server unable to  access via ssh, its not pinging. The Server after a
> forced restart is up for some time. Able to login from a remote machine as
> well as a physical console for sometime. After a few minutes the sever
> console be pinged or ssh. In server console also the machine hungs unable
> to enter root password in the prompt. If I do a power restart it is
> restarting up again and I can ssh also login from the console, but after
> few minutes it hungs no ssh and pinging from LAN machine not possible. How
> to trouble shoot, Please shed some light on it.

immediately after reboot, start top in an xterm,
see if any process is breeding out of control,
if so kill the root of the the processs group

next df & see if anything might be filling & a verbose log may be
exacerbating the problem.

next consider what you recently added / enabled on server
one clue, work for non 10.0 etc:
	ls -ltr /var/db/pkg
(anyone know equivalent to look in local.sqlite ?)

next vi /etc/rc.conf & turn off anything optional such as mailman & majordomo
Particularly anything that runs scripts from crontab like mailman,
	Years ago mailman repeatedly killed an old weak machine
	repeatedly so  I couldnt ssh in firring off updates scripts
	that terminated After next one started, till pushing reboot
	was only option.

next cd  /var/cron/tabs
mkdir MV 
mv mailman [various other things , preferabl all] MV/

vi /etc/crontab

mv /usr/local/etc/rc.d /usr/local/etc/rc.d.MV


See if its now stable & gradually restore stuff

PS I've now started reading your

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